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account of xlite4 failed to enable.
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PostPosted: Mon Jan 31, 2011 10:08 pm    Post subject: account of xlite4 failed to enable. Reply with quote

1. Brekeke Product Name and version:
- SIP Server / Academic Edition

2. Java version:

3. OS type and the version:
- Windows 7 / Professional K

4. UA (phone), gateway or other hardware/software involved:
- X-Lite4, apache-tomcat-6.0.30.exe, sip2_4_7_3.exe

5. Select your network pattern from :
- Pattern 1

6. Your problem:
- Dear, admin.
I m so glad to use your sip server but I have a problem.
Firstly, I was going to test a desktop and a notebook.
Second, Set up J2SE JRE 6, and tomcat, sip2_4_7_3.exe.
also configured java enviroment and tomcat in System property.

I installed tomcat, sip server in the desktop for SIP Server.
(domain is 211.230.50.xx1)
Furthermore, I use virtual IP at class.(tomcat port : 8080, BSS port:18080.)

However, It happend the notepbook has a problem when I was trying to connect from the notebook to SIP server.

Account of X-Lite4 failed th enable in the notebook.
(The notebook domain is 211.230.50.xx2)

I've checked the tomcat to be connected by other computers.
There is no problems.
(X-Lite4 in the desktop only is available to connect SIP Server.
Other computer have not connected)

I hope to find helpful.

(send to
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PostPosted: Mon Feb 07, 2011 5:53 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

do you create a user at the SIP server's [User Authentication] page?
did you set the correct password at X-Lite?
are both SIP server and X-Lite running on the same LAN??

did you change the SIP Server port number from 5060 to 18080? why??

If you keep it as default (port 5060), does the same issue happen?
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